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Switched from Linux to Win7

I recently switched from Linux to Windows 7 on my HTPC at home, and I have to say, it’s way better. I mainly switched because I was tired of not being able to watch Netflix or use iTunes on my HTPC, but there were also issues like flakey wireless and terrible video driver support. 

Windows 7 is smooth as silk. I get fully supported graphics drivers, which means no more tearing in VLC. I get a huge software and service base including things like Photoshop, iTunes, Netflix, etc. And not only that, but my internet based DVR, Sickbeard, was so easy to set up that I almost didn’t think I had actually done it correctly. I mean it was a matter of maybe 5 minutes to download it, install Python, install SABNZBD+ and tie it all together. I literally thought I was doing it wrong and that it couldn’t possibly be that easy, until I started adding shows and it worked exactly like I expected.

I think I’m done with Linux as a desktop OS. Between my Macbook Pro and my Win7 based HTPC, I’ve got a smooth experience with very little hassle. I don’t see why I would want to do it the hard way anymore.

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